Thankful HEARTS!

Jim and I are so thankful for our supporters….its’ at this time of the year that we reflect on what God has done to build this ranch. To think that Jim carried me into a rat infested trailor house when we first started that looked a little like this…… To living in a beautiful log cabin for the next 13 years……

And now living in the 2nd log cabin that was built on the ranch so that we could bring on a family to help us continue on in this ministry as Jim and I are ready to move into the stage of not having boys live right with us and just being the administrators. There is lots of work to do to keep the doors open of a faith ministry… it’s time we train another family to work with the boys. We will still work with the boys because on the other families days off we will have the boys at our house……so pray for us as we are making this adjustment. The biggest adjustment is moving into a much smaller home…but God is good…..

This is a picture of the small house after we have made it our new home…..we continue to thank God for his goodness in all he has brought us through. As we have been on this journey he called us to 17 years ago.

God Bless you all and may you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Thankful Servants…….