God’s perfect timing

I’m going to be honest, I tend to be restless when waiting for that 12:00 hour of God’s. The last year I have been struggling with waiting.  Even though on my personal blog I wrote a post called “Be Still” in February, I have still struggled.    I feel I haven’t been very good at waiting lately.  I know God is okay with this change at the Ranch because HE continues to Bless the Ranch in ways we would never guess.  He continues to show us HE is still in this.

gods timing

My faith has been tested a little in the last year.  I have at times felt like I’m not doing anything and why are we still here if we aren’t helping boys.  That has been our life for 25 years.  It’s a huge change and I’ll be honest I do miss the boys.  But at the same time I know that God told us it was okay to let go of that part of this ministry.

It’s time now to move forward and for me not to be discouraged about that chapter closing, rather be encouraged that HE is ready to have us begin the new chapter.

gods perfect time

So in saying all this, are you ready to watch God, work more miracles at “The Ranch”?


Join us in prayer as we look for the miracles along the way.


Serving HIM,


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